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A big part of vacationing growing up in Oregon was camping. Whether it was at the coast, a lake or a road trip to Yellowstone. We did it all. Most people nowadays call what we did as “glamping”. We had an RV and we usually always stayed in a campground with hook ups (water, showers and sometimes electricity).

I remember going to Canada every year and staying at a campground called “Pacific Playground”. The whole family would go for the Salmon fishing. The best is when we would ride the ferry to get to the island where the campground was. It was the best campground! It had a pool, miniature golf and an ice cream parlor/store. I thought it was so exciting that we paid with Canadian money. When the tide was low we would go dig for clams and then comeback and cook them. I was always to afraid to eat one. I was even offered $20 one time to try one and I wouldn’t do it. Man I was a stupid kid! No one is offering me $20 to eat one now…


We were like most people who traditionally would eat hot dogs and roast marshmallows for s’mores around the campfire. I would not partake in eating clams and kipper snacks with crackers like everyone else did. I’m sorry that’s disgusting! The best part of camping for me is always the campfire. And cooking your dinner on it is even better!


Hobo stew while camping is a genius idea. Ingredients for stew wrapped in foil and cooked on the campfire. You can even individually prepare the foil packets ahead of time at home and then when camping just throw them on the fire. It’s so simple, but absolutely delicious!

There is no specific recipe for this either. Just wrap some veggies/meat of your choice in foil, make sure your fire has a good coal base and cook until the meat is cooked and the veggies are tender. Usually takes about 1/2 hour depending on how hot your fire is, your weather outside and the kind of meat you are cooking. If you have never tried this before I suggest you do next time your camping.



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  1. Deborah Meier says:

    Look how cute you guys are! And there is Peaches the dog too.


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