Friday Funday at The Lab!

Let me start off first by saying, I love that I have friends that I can text at 10:00pm to ask recommendations for places to eat and not only are they awake and happily respond, but definitely know their food. My friend Lisa is a fellow foodie and that just makes me love her anymore. She is always finding these fun unique places that I have never heard of. Last night I asked her for a recommendations of places in Orange County. I work in Newport Beach on Fridays and decided that I was going to have a me day. Everyone needs those every once in a while!

She directed me to a place called “The Lab” in Costa Mesa and told me a couple of places to eat while there. I did some research about it last night and it looked interesting and peaked my curiosity. Google it and you will see what I mean.

When you arrive the parking situation I could foresee a problem in the evening during dinner time, but I didnt have a problem finding parking. There are plenty of places for fun photo ops with weird things everywhere. I honestly felt like I stepped back in to the 70’s or 80’s. Especially when I saw a guy selling records and cassettes out of a small RV trailer. I loved it!

I immediately ran to a place called “Honey and Butter”. It seemed to be at the top of Lisa’s list. I had also read that they sell out pretty quickly and it was already 12:00pm when I got there. This place is absolutely adorable! It in a small RV trailer which I almost walked right past. I have eaten Macarons once and didnt really fancy them that much, but was told to not completely write them off yet. When I walked in there was a small line and a very friendly man that I chatted it up with while waiting. He supplies them with their coffee which they also use in some of their Macarons. He first of all corrected me in that they are MacarOns not MacarOOns. Oops…. my bad.

I couldnt make up my mind which one I wanted to try and the lady that worked there was so friendly and perky that I bought 7 different kinds:

  •              Churro
  •              Cinnamon Toast Crunch x2
  •              Dark Chocolate Salted Caramel
  •              Fruity Pebbles
  •              Oreo
  •              Nutella
  •              Enchanted Berries

Yes, I am indecisive like that. Plus if you order 8 or more you get a cute little gift box to put them in for free. I was nice though and waited till I got home to share them with my husband. We both agreed, absolutely amazing!!!

I decided to have lunch at a place called “Habana”, which reminded me of a friend that is Cuban. I was seated quickly and the staff was extremely friendly. I had already inspected the menu the night before and decided what I was going to order which was the Plantain Crusted Chicken Sandwich with Shoestring Island Fries and Mango Slaw. My order came out pretty quickly and before I even dug into it the smell was absolutely mouth watering. I would have never thought to crust chicken with plantains, but it was delicious! I cant wait to go back and try their Oso Bucco for dinner.

And of course I had to stop at one last place before I left this weird anti-mall place. The Pop Bar. Gelato on a stick, dipped and rolled in toppings. I had a Chocolate Hazelnut Gelato with a Chocolate Caramel Drizzle Rolled In Caramel Corn. OMG…. It was so good! People were even commenting on how yummy it looked while I was eating it. I felt like a kid while eating my Pop Bar and sitting on a swing. Yes in the courtyard they have big white swings to hangout on.

Today was such an enjoyable food day and I owe it all to my friend Lisa! Your the Bomb!! If any of you are in Costa Mesa California I strongly recommend that you try any of these places if not all.


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