Forgotten to Fabulous! 

About a month ago I had made my husband his favorite Thai food dish Pineapple Fried Rice. I only used half of the pineapple and didn’t want to waste the rest so I cut the rest into cubes and then put it away in the freezer for another day.As most things in my freezer sometimes things get shifted around and pushed to the back and then forgotten. 

When I rediscovered these cubes of pineapple I wondered what I should make with this leftover pineapple. 

I decided to blend it up and add some sugar and butter to make a syrupy sauce. Its tastes so yummy! 

Chicken and pineapple always go well together so I decided instead of Orange Chicken I would make Pineapple Chicken. 

It was absolutely delicious and a new favorite in our house.

Recipe is below:


One Comment Add yours

  1. Deborah Meier says:

    Looks yummy! Love pineapple.


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